The Coach I Someday Aspire to Be — Oh Wait, I’m There Now!

Today I listened to a coaching demonstration involving a coach who has been hiding behind the coach she aspires to be.  She has all the right training, clearly the motivation, and she’s achieved recognition for her coaching at the “invitation only” level of training with highly recognized coaches in the industry.  While listening to the woman’s story in the demo, I realized how much her story mirrors my own.

I’ve been coaching for more than fifteen years in one capacity or another, and for the most recent 7 years, I have been employed as an internal leadership and performance coach for a Fortune 100 financial services company.  You may be asking, why would I have any doubt about being “good enough” to share my points of view on topics I’m qualified to write about? 

I have written coaching content for publications (internal and external) and I write coaching content and facilitate coach training for leaders.  By writing articles I believe others can benefit from what I share based on the experience and insights I’ve gained through advanced coach training and from my real world coaching experience with clients.

So why have I had doubts?  A darn good question and one I think I found the answer to while watching the coaching demonstration I mentioned when I began this article.  When someone has high standards, it is okay to strive for excellence.  However, when the drawback of those high standards prevents me from sharing because I fear someone disagreeing or thinking I may be wrong, then I’ll never know they disagree unless I put my thoughts out there.  Even if they disagree, that’s okay because what I’m writing about is my point-of-view and that’s not up for debate though it may attract a counter point-of-view.  That’s good, I’ve attracted something and that’s a place to start.  [Can you see me smiling?]

What are you afraid of that you’ve been hiding behind?  Are you ready to move past your own fear?  I’m moving past mine and venturing into this world of writing articles to get the word out, there is a really good coach ready to help you move past what’s holding you back.  You’re on this site so you know how to reach me but to make it convenient, just reply to:  Let’s get started with a quick chemistry check-in to see if we are a fit for working together.